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The UG course in Pharmacy at VMU caters to the manpower needs of the growing pharmaceutical industry and the effective implementation of drug laws. The course structure covers the chemistry of drugs, drug formulations, quality assessment and quality standards, the action and usage of drugs, drugs laws and other relevant pharmaceutical subjects. The career options available to the graduates in pharmacy include production, quality control, administration and management, marketing and medical detailing.

B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 

Quality control and quality assurance are the integral core of the pharma industry. Pharma Analysis controls the quality of drugs and plays a major role in quality management. The pharma industry, the vital segment of the health care system conducts research and manufactures and markets pharmaceutical and biological products. Quality in these can be achieved only through professionals.

Career Opportunities

The graduates of the VMU B. Pharm course have wide job opportunities in the pharma industry in R&D, quality control departments, in commercial analytical labs (R&D) and in herbal drugs and food materials manufacturing companies in India and abroad. Other positions include Government Analyst, Q.A in herbal industries, Drugs Inspector, teaching faculty in a college of pharmacy and overseas jobs in the pharma industry.

B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy)-Course Details

Course Duration

4 Years


First year

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Pharmaceutical organic chemistry-I
Pharmaceutical Analysis

Environmental studies


Second year

Pharmaceutical organic chemistry-II

Physical Pharmaceutics

Industrial Pharmacognosy
Pharmaceutical Technology
Biostatistics and computer application


Third year

Medicinal Chemistry – I
Dispensing and Pharmaceutical Formulations

Pharmacology – I
Pharmacy Practice

Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

Forensic Pharmacy


Final year

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Medicinal Chemistry-II

Industrial Pharmacy & Bio Pharmaceutics
Modern Methods of Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutical Marketing and management

Project Work

* The Course Details are as per University Regulations in force and are subject to modification from time to time.

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