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Diploma education in Pharmacy caters to the manpower needs of community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy. The diploma course at VMU contains subjects such as the chemistry of drugs, drug laws, incompatibilities (with emphasis on dispensing) and community pharmacy.

D.Pharm (Diploma in Pharmacy)

The diploma program in Pharmacy (D. Pharm) at VMU covers topics like drug information, dosage and administration, drug development and regulation, the basics of the pharmaceutical profession, pharmacy computations and the chemistry of drug molecules. Apart from these topics, students will also get introduced to drug ID, testing procedures, pharmacological terminology, patient education, lab practices and more.

Program Objective

The student acquires a sufficient understanding of the scientific principles and techniques of the pharmaceutical sciences, together with the associated problem-solving skills to become, after the appropriate experience in practice, a competent pharmacist. The course enables the student to adapt to the new developments in pharmacy and medicine which will undoubtedly occur during his or her professional life. It is integrated to provide the students with a coordinated understanding and comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all the aspects of the preparation, distribution, action and use of drugs and medicines. It also imparts to the students, scientific rigour and discipline of mind.

The Pharma industry, the vital segment of the health care system conducts research and manufactures and markets pharmaceutical and biological products. Quality in these can be achieved only through proper handling by professionals. The D. Pharm students have wider job opportunities.

Students with a Diploma in Pharmacy can work as a pharmacist, hospital pharmacist, community pharmacist or as applicable in areas like retail pharmacies, hospitals, health care centers, in the food and drugs analysis department, in insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.

D.Pharm (Diploma in Pharmacy) - Course Details

Course Duration

2 Years


I. Year

Pharmaceutical Chemistry-I
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Health Education & Community Pharmacy

 II. Year

Pharmaceutics – II
Pharmaceutical Chemistry – II
Pharmacology & Toxicology
Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence
Drug Store and Business Management
Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy


500 hrs of practical training in hospitals spread over a period of 3 months

 * The Course Details are as per University Regulations in force and are subject to modification from time to time.


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